My Mission:

From unknowledgeable rabbit owner to an aware rabbit lover.

Everbody can become an aware rabbit lover by following these 8 simple guidelines:

  1. Is never alone
  2. Has an unlimited supply of fresh hay and water
  3. Is allowed to walk around and to get attention
  4. Is given his annual vaccination
  5. Is healthy and active
  6. Has a hutch that is big enough
  7. Is not lifted
  8. Has an owner ready for a lifetime commitment
It is my mission to educate current and potential rabbit owners, adults as well as children. I will visit schools, pet stores and exhibitions, among others, to do so.

To offset the associated costs, I have compiled merchandise from fair trade sources and made of environmentally friendly materials. Through the sale of this merchandise, I will also support local projects in Nepal (for more information see

As we speak, shirts and bracelets are made there by locals who will see a direct return of profit from the sale of their items. I was once an unknowledgeable rabbit owner until I followed the course to become a rabbit specialist and saw the video “A hutch is not enough

All kinds of things happened after that with HappyRabbit as a result and a head full of ideas.