Guideline Three

Happy Rabbit is allowed to walk around and to get attention.

Please let your rabbit run around for at least three hours a day (depending on the size of his hutch and run area), and no, not three times one hour, to stretch his paws, explore the area and be able to make binkies. Just like you would not like sitting in your room all day every day, your rabbit does not like being in his hutch all day and night. Running outside his hutch and exploring his surroundings is what rabbits like. Make sure the outside world is safe for your rabbit. No slippery floors (place a blanket or a towel over a wooden floor for example), make sure all electrical cables are hidden, and keep your rabbit away from plants that can be poisonous to him.

Most rabbits are very curious and want to learn. Please keep in mind that not every rabbit is the same and they all have their own character, just like humans. Some rabbits love to be around their owner and do stuff together, other rabbits love to be on their own and only look at you when you have food for them. Some rabbits love to chill and do nothing.

To improve the connection with your rabbit you can do all kinds of things together. If your rabbit wants to, you can teach him some commands. It is always handy to train your rabbit the commands “in” and “out” of the hutch. And what about “in” and “out” of their carrier when you have to take your rabbit to the vet or on a holiday?

Giving attention, playing together and training your rabbit can also prevent or fix behaviour problems.