Guideline Six

Happy Rabbit has a hutch that is suitable and placed in the right spot.

Whether your rabbit is kept inside or outside, he needs enough space! Please pay attention to ensure his hutch is big enough. Minimal measurements depend on your rabbit’s size and how many rabbits you keep in the hutch. Your rabbit should be able to stand up straight, lay stretched out all the way and at least can make three hops from one side to the other. Besides that, keep in mind what other items can be placed in the hutch to ensure enough floor space for movement as well as items. There should be enough space for at least a toilet bin (big enough for your rabbit to lay in), some toys and a water and food bowl.

If you keep your rabbit inside, do not place the hutch next to a heater and pay attention to drafts in your home. They also do not like their hutch next to a television or a fridge.

For an outside rabbit, make sure the hutch is placed in the shade and find out how the wind blows. Pay attention how the rain falls so after a rainstorm the hutch is not soaked.

When the hutch is big enough and placed in the right spot, your rabbit loves to run around and do binkies to drain some of his energy and to prevent naughty rabbit habbits. Let your rabbit run around free for at least three hours a day (no, not three times one hour!) to explore his surroundings and stretch his paws.

If your rabbit lives indoors, make sure he cannot reach electrical wires and indoor plants. Most of them are poisonous to your rabbit. Also watch out that your rabbit cannot get trapped in doors which suddenly open or close. Keep in mind what kind of flooring you have. If your flooring is slippery, place a blanket or a towel so your rabbit does not slip during binky time.

Does your rabbit lives outside? Also pay attention to the plants he can reach. Make sure he cannot escape and that predators can not reach your rabbit. Place gauze under the grass to prevent picking up your rabbit at your neighbours, or worse. If you have a balcony make sure he cannot jump the fence or crawl under it. If possible, use a really big enclosure where your rabbit can run around safe outside.