Guideline Seven

Rabbits are prey animals. This means in the wild they are food for predators. Despite all good intentions of their owners, pet rabbits still have a natural instinct that tells them that being picked up means they are being eaten.

You can teach your rabbit that being picked up is not as bad as they think, however, it is better to teach your rabbit to get in a basket or tray on command. This way you can lift your rabbit without him thinking he is going to die. Make sure the basket or tray is big enough and be sure to prevent your rabbit from jumping out when lifted. It is even better to train your rabbit to step in and out of a carrier on command as that is one of the safest ways to lift your rabbit.

If you have to pick up your rabbit for whatever reason, please be careful and take great care. Support the belly of your rabbit with your arm and hand and keep your other arm and hand in position to prevent your rabbit from jumping out of your arms. Have the rabbit leaning against your chest and belly as soon as possible and hold him tight enough. If you feel you cannot hold on to your rabbit because he wants to jump or is fighting, go down to the floor as quick as possible and guide your rabbit to the ground to prevent you or your rabbit from getting hurt. A struggling rabbit can break his own back; That is how strong rabbits are. Check out their back paws.

And NEVER EVER lift a rabbit by his ears! Those are absolutely not made to carry their weight.