Guideline Four

Happy Rabbit is given an annual vaccination.

Myxomatosis and VHD are two very contagious viral infections. Fortunately, you can have your rabbit vaccinated to protect him against these diseases. These vaccinations are combined into one injection so you only need to go once a year.

It is really a matter of life and death to have your rabbit vaccinated whether or not he is near other rabbits. Myxomatosis is a virus spread by mosquitos and fleas. Myxomatosis causes a kind of smallpox and is usually fatal. Even if you are willing to spend time and money to try to cure your rabbit, it is a very painful process to watch. So please, better to be safe than sorry and protect your rabbit.

VHD stands for Viral Haemorrhagic Disease and is also a fatal virus infection. This virus can be spread by everything that has been in touch with the virus, such as other rabbits, humans, water and even the air. Fortunately, this virus is under control because so many people have their rabbit vaccinated. Let us keep it that way by making sure your rabbit is vaccinated also.

An additional benefit of having your rabbit vaccinated once a year is that your vet sees your rabbit and can conduct an overall physical, including things like his weight and teeth. This is also the best time to ask your vet to clip your rabbit’s nails, if necessary. You can also ask all kinds of questions about your rabbit and his health. Of course, never wait to contact the vet if there is an emergency like an open wound or a sore belly. If your rabbit has stopped eating then you MUST see the vet within 24 hours. A rabbit that does not eat will die. Nowadays you can get insurance for your rabbit so in case of an emergency you can go to the vet and  not have to worry about big expenses (depending on which insurance you have of course).