Guideline Five

Happy Rabbit is healthy and active.

Your rabbit’s droppings can tell you a lot about his health. Rabbits produce two types of droppings. The first type is the more familiar droppings which are round and dry and you find them most in his toilet. The other type is called cecotropes which are like a small bunch of sticky and soft grapes. If you find these sticky droppings only periodically, it should not be much of a problem. Do try to remember if you changed something in the rabbit’s diet the day before or if your rabbit has been under stress. If you find these droppings on a daily basis then there is reason to be concerned. These droppings, not to be confused with diarrhea, contain a lot of necessary vitamins. It may not sound very tasty but your rabbit must eat these droppings straight out of his anus. If your rabbit does not eat these droppings, it is most likely that you are feeding your rabbit too many pellets and vegetables. Try cutting back on the pellets (or vegetables) and see what happens. Is it getting better?

What is the behaviour of your rabbit? Is he active in the morning and the beginning of the evening? Does he eat enough hay? Is he drinking a lot or little water? Can you see or feel his ribs? What does his fur look like? Does he have a running nose? Is he breathing heavy? Is he sitting cowered in a corner while it is nice weather and a comfortable temperature?

Do you notice any change in your rabbits behaviour? This might be a hint that he is not feeling very well. Know what normal behaviour is for your rabbit so you notice the smallest changes.

And does your rabbit eat well? Remember that a rabbit not eating MUST go to the vet!