Guideline Eight

Please keep in mind that a rabbit can reach an age between 7 and 12 years or older. This will vary depending on the breed of rabbit. Some breeds do not reach these ages, and some breeds get older. Are you sure you are ready for a lifetime commitment? And when one of your rabbits passes away, you have to get the one that stays behind a new friend.

Rabbits also have the right to good accommodations, healthy food, and treatment by a vet, if necessary. What will you do if you go on holiday? Pet rabbits do not survive in the wild. They do not know which food to eat, what predators are, and where to find shelter. Besides that, pet rabbits often have a skin color which can make them a sitting duck.

Rabbits are very intelligent animals which you can teach, sometimes even more than a dog. Are you sure you are ready for a rabbit?